Parmigiano Reggiano Cracking

'like cracking open happiness'

A couple of times a year, Mountain Mercato brings in a whole wheel of 18 month old Parmigianno-Reggiano direct from Italy. Roughly 84 pounds of raw cow's milk goodness, made the traditional way for nearly 800 years, true Parmigiano comes only from the small Norther Italian region surrounding Parma and Modena. The cheese is made in small batches using artisan methods, often passed down through families from generation to generation.
Cracking open the gigantic wheel is a two-day process, culminating in the careful placing of special knives such that the internal crystalline structure and the crumbly texture of the cheese is respected. The maximum flavour and aroma of the cheese is released at that moment. 

What better excuse to throw a party?

Join us on Saturday October 27 for snacks, wine pairings an olive oil tasting and 10% off groceries. We'll send you home with 100 grams of parmigiano - your own little bit of happiness.


Also joining us

Sheila MacKinnon from Philippe Dandurand Wines 

and Rosie Lefler from Parthena Olive Oil