Leadership Internship

I guess I better start off by introducing myself. My name is Kaela and I have lived in the Bow Valley my entire life, minus a year spent in Japan on exchange and this last year at the University of New Brunswick. I started at Mountain Mercato last spring and it seems that I can’t get enough of it! I learn all about food, coffee, and an array of interesting facts about olive oils, cheeses, and, we can’t forget, the life lessons taught to me by the wiser (but not older) employees.
What makes this summer different, and so much more special and exciting, is the fact that I am doing a summer internship, and taking on a role larger than anything I have ever done at Mountain Mercato (MM). As a part of my program at school I had to find a summer internship anywhere in Canada that had a leadership role. When I came back to work for Raegan and Elana at Christmas time I was upset that I wouldn’t be working for them again in the summer, as I figured I should look for a set internship in the cubicle world. Then during a moment of sporadicalness, I sent Raegan an email asking if it was possible to create an internship position at MM, where I was showing off could use my leadership skills while working for the business as well. 
Now that I am here, I actually can’t believe that after a few months of discussion they created a new and innovative position for me: one which hasn’t been tried at MM yet, and which also satisfies the requirements of an internship. My job is to be the supervisor of all the students, high school and university, that MM will be hiring on this summer. This will include advertising for students, interviewing them, training and then supervising them basically everything that happened to me when I applied and began at MM and more. 
To be honest, thinking forwards to all the jobs and responsibilities I have this summer I am half filled with excitement and half scared to pieces. Talking to Elana on my first day back made me understand the reality that I face when standing in a position of influence and authority. I hope that I can aspire to be the person I see myself at the end of the hot summer months. The amount of growing I think I will do this summer is mind boggling, and will be an interesting ride.
As well, all the exciting things I will learn this summer? Yep, going to write it all down in this blog! Hopefully it will be once a week, but as this is the first time Mountain Mercato and I have ever done a blog, we will see how things go. 
This is definitely the summer of new and exciting changes, and I can’t wait to get started!