Feature Cheese

An on-going feature of my blog will be a weekly sampling of the diverse and amazing selection of cheeses at Mountain Mercato (MM). I am in love with all the cheese at MM -- however, when a customer asks me about the cheese I like to bring in someone else to back me up. There are so many, and despite tasting whenever I can, I have difficulty holding onto the taste and texture in my brain. I figure the blog is a good place to put down the information to help me remember and develop an exquisite tasting tongue/brain for cheeses. 


For my first sampling I have chosen a blue cheese. Blue is definitely my favorite type of cheese, and so I figure it is the one that I can pretend to understand better than any of the other types of cheeses! 

Stichelton Blue Cheese,

  • Raw (un-pasteurised)
  • Cow
  • Organic
  • England

Very strong smelling, a little acidic- but Betsy (one of my co-workers) suggested I try it with jam. Now that was delicious! I adored it!

According to the Stichelton Dairy website, very few English dairy producers still make their cheese raw, especially  blue cheeses. It has an interesting rind on it; from reading the website, I think it comes naturally after the creation of the cheeses when it is left to mature and blue. 

For more information- http://stichelton.co.uk/