All About The Coffee


 So this week I learnt how to make coffee using the espresso machine. I have wanted to make coffee at MM since I started work last year, and now I am finally getting trained! As I had known from watching other people, the coffee making process is quite intense. What I didn’t know before was that there was a specific formula that Phil and Sebastian use to make the perfect cup of coffee. It is proven to be quite difficult to hit the precise ratio number needed. 

Instead of explaining how to make the coffee, I figured I would talk about the amazing stuff that I learnt about Phil and Sebastian. Phil and Sebastian, are, if you can believe it, actual, real life guys who brew the coffee in Calgary. The coffee that they make is third wave and single origin. I think this is super cool because it means that they treat all their coffee as an artisanal ingredient with an abundance of flavor and all the coffee comes from the same location. This makes the coffee super unique and diverse. It kind of reminds me of wine, and the fact that even though a grape that comes from the same area each year, the wine from each individual year has its own individual taste. Until MM, I had no idea that coffee could be just as diverse and interesting! 

However, the biggest, more important thing that I have learnt about coffee is that it has a mind of its own. Each day you need to slightly change how you make the coffee to get that perfect taste. According to Elana, “beans are natural, living breathing things,” that are in constant change, and it takes quite a while to be able to understand the troublesome and unique thing that is coffee. 


My coffee skills, for example, need a lot more work to be able to pull a perfect espresso shot each time. Because even if I do all the steps a certain way, and get the proper ratio at one point, doing the same steps will give me the complete wrong ratio at another time of the day! It is quite complex and mind boggling, and by the end of the day my brain is more dead than a full day of university courses. Besides that, its been a blast learning all about it!


 “Change is inevitable, except from vending machines”, Unknown