Party of the 900 Year Old Cheese

Parmigiano Reggiano, Italy

  • Raw
  • Cow
  • Aged 12-36 months


Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, is probably the heaviest cheese I have ever lifted in my life. At 84 pounds it’s the size of a medium sized child. I remember when we first got the cheese and had to move it into the fridge. None of us could lift it so we ended up dragging it on a cardboard slide into the fridge and then maneuvering it onto a shelf. It was quite the process. 

Parmigiano has a rich and interesting history, dating back 9 centuries. It is ritually identical to when the Italians first started making it, created the same way, in the same places, producing the same rich fragrance and taste over all these years. 

The flavour itself was delicious. The cheese is crumbly and melts in your mouth. Apparently stacked full of vitamins, protein, and minerals Parmigiano is an amazingly delicious health food. At the party we tried it with some balsamic vinegar reduction and the combination was mind-blowing.


As for the party, I don’t think I have seen MM more packed with people. The vibe was amazing. Even with the small space, it made the party atmosphere more cozy and energetic. It was as if all the energy, rebounded off the walls and doubled in size. Elana had prepared some amazing appetizers that I had no trouble eating my fair share of. There was also a wine bar with some glasses of red, white and bubbly, samples of the Screaming Brothers ice-cream, a Phil&Sebastian coffee taste test, as well as popcorn on all the tables. With all that, I would say we were all quite spoiled before we even got to the cutting of the cheese. 

That part, I have to tell you was quite interesting. I thought Raegan was pulling my leg when she took out some small tools to cut into the humongous cheese wheel. What happened however, was a line was drawn on each side, and slowly you moved the tool back and forth across the top until you got the tool deep into the cheese. You did this on every side and kept it going until the cheese separated to reveal its delicious insides. Then delectable servings of the cheese were passed around for everyone to taste, and the great party continued. 

I learned a lot that evening. One, that cheese is amazing, second that Elana is a fabulous cook, third that Mountain Mercato throws a great party and fourth that Phil & Sebastian coffee is delicious with quite an interesting history. But I think I will leave that for the next blog. 

 Till then!