Parmesan, Prosecco, and more Parmesan

For this blog, I thought I would do something different and let the pictures speak for themselves. I created a photo slideshow of this past weekend’s Parmesan Cracking Party! MM has been hosting this event for over five years, and particularly for this one we were fortunate to have some special friends stop by for a visit. They were Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters, The Salt Cellar (who I learned creates her intricate salt blends in her own home!), Farmbox, Natur’el Tea Makers, and Crush Imports. I was able to talk to each of these vendors, and I realized how they each contribute enormously to Mountain Mercato’s success and authenticity. That’s enough of my chit chat. Take a look at the pictures from the party and thank you to all guests who made this event a success!