8 Years and Counting: Mountain Mercato is Celebrating an Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe Mountain Mercato is celebrating their 8th anniversary this month. Although MM has come a long way, the place where you can smell fresh coffee grinding as you come through the door has a bright future ahead of it.

cake MM.jpg

Since it is a special month for Mountain Mercato, I thought I’d dedicate this blog to a little history of where Mountain Mercato comes from. Eight years ago, the store was half the size it is now (can you believe it), had barely any staff, and a scarce number of tables to seat customers. Raegan bought Mountain Mercato with a vision to turn the store into a place where you can relax, enjoy a meal and get your groceries simultaneously; and that is exactly what she did. With some renovations and a little TLC to the menu (thanks to Elana), Mountain Mercato is now twice the size, has a huge variety of specialty food and groceries -- not to mention the cheeses, and a cozy dining room where customers can enjoy a cup of Phil and Sebastian Coffee and delicious platters.

With 15 years of culinary experience under Elana’s apron, and cooking in places like Whistler and Hawaii, it is no wonder the menu at Mountain Mercato is fantastic! Elana uses her creativity and seasonal ingredients to the fullest in creating fresh soups and paninis. The success of Mountain Mercato is also due in huge part to Raegan’s exceptional displays and her careful research into products to sell in the store.

It amazing to see how Mountain Mercato has evolved over the past eight years, and it is even more exciting to see what it will become. Eight years is definitely something worth celebrating, so come on in and celebrate with us! Buon compleanno Mountain Mercato!