Getting Greener... And Even Tastier!

During my Co-op term this summer, I continue to notice how much the  environment matters to Mountain Mercato. The store continually puts effort into using less waste, and recycling as much as possible. However, this summer was particulary unique (and very exciting), as Raegan and Elana installed an edible garden in the back parking lot. Mountain Mercato now has everything from fresh radishes, mint, parsley, rosemary, and even edible flowers! The best part is that they are now able to use their own fresh, aromatic herbs in the soups, salads and paninis that are served. Whether it is to garnish a salad with an edible flower (called a nasturtium), or using the herbs and veggies when Elana cooks her delicious soups. There is nothing better than smelling the fresh herbs when Elana is cooking something spectacular. I am proud that Mountain Mercato continues to reduce their impact on the environment, and by implementing this edible garden they are able to reduce the emmisons and pollutants it takes to have these herbs and veggies delievered from outside sources. That being said, come on in and try the many things Mountain Mercato’s garden has to offer in a variety of the menu items!

On a side note, as I am going back to school next week, I would like to say that I have had an amazing experience working at MM for the past four months. Although we were constantly busy during the summer, Elana and Raegan ensured that I learned everything I had hoped to get the most out of my Cooperative Education program. I have definitely acquired new skills and even greater confidence that I will carry with me wherever the road may take me. More importantly I have gained an entire new knowledge base for cheeses and salumi, and many cooking skills that I will benefit from in the coming school year. Thank you to all the staff at MM for making this summer a memorable one!